Education and Awards

State Prize Laureate, Academic Legal Research, 2011. The Prize was dedicated to Judge Dr. Mohamed Ismail for his distinguished legal research (books) in Arabic and English. This is the highest award in legal sciences in the Middle East. The Panel which consists of the most six eminent professors in the Middle East decided to grant the Prize after secrutinizing Dr. Ismail's legal research which was submitted in Oct. 2010.
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Work experience

Judge (June 1993 – to date). Counselor since 15/7/2004 and Vice- president of the Conseil D'Etat (State Council) since the presidential decree on 15/6/2008.

Writing detailed, reasoned and enforceable judgments for the cases of the Administrative Court of Appeal (Contracts circuit). Forming new legal ideas in the settlement of disputes between the State and individuals concerning proper application of the rule of law in Egypt. The Conseil D'Etat (State Council) is one of the guarantees of democracy in Egypt; it protects individuals from illegal acts undertaken by the government, based on administrative decrees, contractual...
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Judge in the highest level of the Egyptian Judiciary (Le Conseil D'Etat) (State Council) concerned with human rights and political...
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